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Quiksilver BLACK 1mm Highline Pro Goofy Zipless Wetsuit


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Quiksilver BLACK 1mm Highline Pro Goofy Zipless Wetsuit

1mm Highline Pro Goofy Zipless Japanese Wetsuit For Men

Surf harder for longer with the Highline Pro 1mm wetsuit. Hand made in Japan, our lightest most flexible fullsuit is engineered from a mere 5 neoprene panels (15-30 is standard). Fewer panels means fewer seams to restrict movement – and flexibility that feels as good as trunking it. The 1mm thickness is thin yet durable, so you get the lasting protection from harsh UV rays and cold winds of a thicker suit, minus the bulk and risk of overheating in warmer water. In short, the Highline Pro 1mm is our best wetsuit for your best surfing.
Ideal for tropical waters prone to wind and intense sun.




  • Handmade in Japan

  • Thickness: 1mm

  • Lightweight and flexible 5-panel construction

  • Neoprene: Premium 1mm Japanese neoprene: Lightweight stretch fabric designed for quick drying performance

  • Seams: 100% stitchless, sealed seams with external taping for maximum flexibility

  • Lining: Zoned thermal fleece lining

  • Entry: Tailored entry to eliminate bulk and reduce flushing

  • Goofy zipless entry [see regular model for regular zipless entry]

  • This is a guide only: Weather, sensitivity to the cold and conditions at your local break will affect temperatures and choice of equipment

  • Temperature Guide: Suitable for mild temperatures of 18°C – 24°C / 65°F – 75°F

  • Additional Details:__ Drainage holes


83% Nylon, 17% Elastane


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